Friday, March 25, 2011

Wage Slave

Music and Lyrics: Connor Jerzy

Fellow Wage Slaves,
lets try to set this record straight.
isn't meant to be fenced
all around and surrounded
so neatly arranged.
There seems no easy escape
through these invisible gates.
But we all been blinded!
(with flickering fluorescent lights)
Little sheeps with the wool
pulled over our eyes...
Our masters are clever,
distractions are their endeavors,
whenever, wherever
our attention is surrendered
to sensory overload...
It's like they work on commission
and we've all been over-sold...
and while they relax,
we're breaking our backs
but disobedience attracts
unwanted attention.
So even with fellow prisoners
you hesitate to mention
that you're weary of these conventions,
and you hold for global
dissident ascension
and peace man, not to mention.

So what do I do?
I try to only shop in consignment.
Haven't thought about planning for retirement.
UBC degree just isn't one requirement.
To escape this conservative confinement,
though they designed it...
My visa will never be buying in. (again)
New fashion fads friend,
I'll never be trying them. (again)
Try to record my thought processes
and take it to the sky with them!
Its refinement needed.
Cosigned, all cultures repeated.
A collective of wellwishers
and all the defeated.
And until this agreement
can be constructed as needed
take an MJ stance
and just "Beat it!".
Defeat the ceaseless empirical efforts,
and their greasy, sleazy, rhetorical cohorts
and go forth!
Agree to step to this challenge.
To some, the first chance to exploit
they grab it.
And to others, cardboard corrugation
seems so lavish..
Travel the world...
See human survival is never static,
Its Automatic!
It's Automatic.

Economic disparity,
I need a little clarity...
Displaced peoples
are our equals
and it just doesn't seem fair to me.
Is it so unbearably difficult
To see beyond your bubble?
Or are you just too conceded to beat it
and giving up is too much trouble?
So the masses stare blankly...
Although you know
they're getting ansy
surrounded by all things
fine and fancy.
Are you willing to take a chance and see?
Willing to eliminate the greed?
Take the first step and lead!
Open your hearts and Be!

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