Friday, March 25, 2011

Keep Growing

Lyrics by: Connor Jerzy
Music By: Geoff Le Blanc

At first we were kids
trying to cope with the life we were given.
So privileged,
to have a such a courageous mother so driven
to see her children happy,
through all of our struggles.
They say
"if there isn't a father,
there ain't no family".
Aren't you glad we showed
those voices up (damn ms. daffy duck!)
Aren't you glad the family we had
led to these paths for us.
They say boys will be boys
but I never roughed you up.
Well maybe once...
When you jumped off the top rope illegally.
Believe me,
i would have "Achilles heeled" you
if I had the chance.
Now let's do that purple rain dance
which was mostly rofling,
which in those times
meant 'rolling on the floor laughing'.
Ha ha!
We didn't need new things to be happy.
We had our minds and the skies
and after watching twister
we donned our raincoats
and chased those storms.
Oh how we performed
for nobody.

And we just keep growing

Keep on growing.

Remember how mad we used to get.
So angry when Amma told us to turn off
that old TV set at 10:45 everyday in the summer.
(what a bummer)
Why did we have to get out
of the house for so quick for I've always wondered.
Was it to make ourselves sick
stealing crabapples off trees?
Getting treat money
it was off to 'Pa Petersons' for slurpees?
Or to play with the kids
with a "proper christian upbringing"
but crazy ADD!
Al it just cracks me up
how many times we've bickered
over that old airplane debate
for goodness sake.
Yours was the brown, mine was the blue.
I'm sorry for manipulating the truth to you,
all those years ago,
when we built fortresses in the snow.
Playing hide and seek when the best spot
was in the car port on in our basement fort
with our very own cardboard crime computer.
Who knew in the future
we'd be communicating over facebook
and embracing at all our farewells.
So ifs all goes well
we'll have so many more ridiculous adventures
until we're both spitting dentures.
Cabin jams.
Backyard bonfires.
Tape recorders.
Creepy basements.
Imitating john denvers facelift
Like those wrestling theme songs
these are times long gone but never forgotten.
Hanson impressions
Exam interjections
Staycations together
bravings the worst
of Alberta's weather.
shedding tears
with super 'Squishy' and 'Baboo'.

Here's looking at you kid.

Here's looking at you.

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