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Friday, March 25, 2011

Did We Ever Love Her?!*

Music and Lyrics: Connor Jerzy

There's no trees,
no falling leaves,
to cushion the concrete.
There's no streams
to feed the creeks,
the oceans flow empty.
Theres no birds,
no roaming herds
just a human population surge.
Theres no dirt
to blanket the earth,
we've raided every mineral of worth.
She's tried to tell us how much it hurt,
but its our desires that come first.

Did we ever love her?!*

The grid system,
fades into non-existence.
It's monetary systems
with its quotas and digits
have battled true resistance.
A lesson for her little deliquents,
to achieve peace and quiet
so equisite...

We're buried.
We're buried.
We're buried.
We're buried.
Sanddunes overtake urban tombs
and we're all consumed.
Back to the geothermal womb.
Gaia fit to clean up our ruins.

Did we ever love her?!*

Its all toxins,
no fresh oxygens,
The planets running out of options.
On the auction block for adoption.
But no one wants a lifeform
coughing and weezing
with each change of season.
Everyday we wake up
we're faced with crimes of treason.
What are the reasons?

Did we ever love her?


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