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Friday, March 25, 2011

Connor Jerzy - 'The City Of Excess' EP

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Creative Commons License
The City Of Excess by Connor Jerzy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

'City Of Excess'

Music and Lyrics: Connor Jerzy

In the City of Excess,
cigarette butts are gold,
and the McDonald's cups with free refills
are blood diamonds.
(If you can get away with it)

The transit systems is jam packed
with fare-evading, emotionless riders
who drown out engine rumblings
with iPods or daydreams,
only to be interrupted at each stop
by that automated lady.

In the City of Excess
trashbins are locked,
so that left-overs
are left over
to decompose,
instead of composing
the only real meal they've had in days.

Umbrella bearing hide under awnings
pushing those without to brave the rain,
watch out for your eyes,
watch out for your eyes,
watch out for your eyes.

In the City of Excess
you can find anything at the beaches,
be it freedom for wardrobes,
escape from certain character traits,
or a surreal, interwoven reality,
just prepare yourselves for those stairs.

Non-such jam sessions
ring out through alleyways,
entertaining some
and disturbing the others
to the point of noise complaints.
Landlords bully tenants
into illegal evictions,
and Vancouver specials are left
to deteriorate through the seasons.

And to top it all off,
drivers can be seen
jumping from their seats,
to fulfill their daily dose of road rage,
built up from time spent in commute,
I'm so glad I take the bus...

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