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Connor Jerzy - 'The City Of Excess' EP

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'City Of Excess'

Music and Lyrics: Connor Jerzy

In the City of Excess,
cigarette butts are gold,
and the McDonald's cups with free refills
are blood diamonds.
(If you can get away with it)

The transit systems is jam packed
with fare-evading, emotionless riders
who drown out engine rumblings
with iPods or daydreams,
only to be interrupted at each stop
by that automated lady.

In the City of Excess
trashbins are locked,
so that left-overs
are left over
to decompose,
instead of composing
the only real meal they've had in days.

Umbrella bearing hide under awnings
pushing those without to brave the rain,
watch out for your eyes,
watch out for your eyes,
watch out for your eyes.

In the City of Excess
you can find anything at the beaches,
be it freedom for wardrobes,
escape from certain character traits,
or a surreal, interwoven reality,
just prepare yourselves for those stairs.

Non-such jam sessions
ring out through alleyways,
entertaining some
and disturbing the others
to the point of noise complaints.
Landlords bully tenants
into illegal evictions,
and Vancouver specials are left
to deteriorate through the seasons.

And to top it all off,
drivers can be seen
jumping from their seats,
to fulfill their daily dose of road rage,
built up from time spent in commute,
I'm so glad I take the bus...

Some Kind Of (Conspiracy)

Music and Lyrics: Connor Jerzy and Geoff Le Blanc

Edited and Mostly-Mixed By: 
That African (

I find it hard to stew on things,
When inner energies are constantly renewed,
so you're consistantly refueled
by heart-songs of main-stream zombies.
I felt them upon me,
Like the shade from that Ghana palm tree.
When I was first immersed in culture,
"Oseyeii" my shining West African Star!
In a sky drown out by streetlight,
and compact hybrid cars...
Agrofuel still only goes so far.
Although we grow that maize,
it only goes so far.

And with the sounds of Olympic construction,
seems like a perfect introduction,
for a little meditation instruction
to free my mind from
the tiring and conspiring corruption.
Concentrate on lightless eyelids
without static interruption.
Its then, only then
when your in utter zazen
you don't have to pretend,
for you are complete and all knowing
You all know where this is all going...
We're just reaping what we're sowing...

Move past your boundaries,
pump out your passion in supersonic,
sub-cockle foundries.
Simply say "Hi!" to your neighbours,
move past the the 'good mornings'
and on to 'see you later's
If you ask me, what do I see as greater?
Progressive attitudes,
that even compliment failure.
Because those who fail,
are simply purveyors, relayers,
for its truly those who try
who are endangered.
We're estranged from reality
through infomercial calamity
(such a tragedy)
For those who see,
unplug themselves.
It becomes habitual to submit
to digital movie shelves.
I try to take myself seriously,
but my transdimensional reflection
ain't hearing me!
Inner gear in movement,
they just don't want you to use it
I guess it's some kind of conspiracy.

Some times I feel like I left my whole soul behind
In the confines of classrooms
and  space-time grass roots.
But I'm still trying to blast through
Crash course with my conscience
Cause physical form is all nonsense
Equivalent to Fiction...
Laced in Contradiction...
Blocks out his intuition.
Exfixation on self-infliction,
of my mental apparatus ,
because my mind's a passive fist.
But I'm not the only one feeling this way
Admit those doubts, for anything else is here-say
Instead you stick to what the
pristine-green and the beer say
Chantings cheers although its
helpless jeers coming your way.
And you treat others in your path
like they owe you something,
and when they ask for help
it's like you owe them nothing.
live by that golden rule
treat others how you wanna be treated
or else its meaningless,
and we've all been defeated.

But we will never concede
to this greed
that they lead us to
or teach us through.
It's only me and you,
me and you,
me and you.

Rhetoric of the degenerates.
Hell-bent on being god-sends.
Apprehending those defending.
In-service to insurgents,
with the soul purpose,
to make worthless,
those not enslaved as civil servants.
Trapped within serfdom.
Disguised by a velvet curtain
of practical purpose.
Blind coercion
through the Old Testament
the millennium version.

Get on your tinfoil hats,
this is a big one.

Call 2 Action (Interlude)

Music and Lyrics: Connor Jerzy

Help do away with
prolific propagations of hatred.
Remove yourself from situations
leaving your eyes twitching and face red.
And when faced with racist,
ageist, pessimist, selectivist views
don't let them change you, or persuade you...
Instead, make them obey you,
and fade into an
unrecognizable form.
until then we'll only be stricken, and torn...
Sickness in mind body and soul
because of what we're told
Its getting a little cold...

Wage Slave

Music and Lyrics: Connor Jerzy

Fellow Wage Slaves,
lets try to set this record straight.
isn't meant to be fenced
all around and surrounded
so neatly arranged.
There seems no easy escape
through these invisible gates.
But we all been blinded!
(with flickering fluorescent lights)
Little sheeps with the wool
pulled over our eyes...
Our masters are clever,
distractions are their endeavors,
whenever, wherever
our attention is surrendered
to sensory overload...
It's like they work on commission
and we've all been over-sold...
and while they relax,
we're breaking our backs
but disobedience attracts
unwanted attention.
So even with fellow prisoners
you hesitate to mention
that you're weary of these conventions,
and you hold for global
dissident ascension
and peace man, not to mention.

So what do I do?
I try to only shop in consignment.
Haven't thought about planning for retirement.
UBC degree just isn't one requirement.
To escape this conservative confinement,
though they designed it...
My visa will never be buying in. (again)
New fashion fads friend,
I'll never be trying them. (again)
Try to record my thought processes
and take it to the sky with them!
Its refinement needed.
Cosigned, all cultures repeated.
A collective of wellwishers
and all the defeated.
And until this agreement
can be constructed as needed
take an MJ stance
and just "Beat it!".
Defeat the ceaseless empirical efforts,
and their greasy, sleazy, rhetorical cohorts
and go forth!
Agree to step to this challenge.
To some, the first chance to exploit
they grab it.
And to others, cardboard corrugation
seems so lavish..
Travel the world...
See human survival is never static,
Its Automatic!
It's Automatic.

Economic disparity,
I need a little clarity...
Displaced peoples
are our equals
and it just doesn't seem fair to me.
Is it so unbearably difficult
To see beyond your bubble?
Or are you just too conceded to beat it
and giving up is too much trouble?
So the masses stare blankly...
Although you know
they're getting ansy
surrounded by all things
fine and fancy.
Are you willing to take a chance and see?
Willing to eliminate the greed?
Take the first step and lead!
Open your hearts and Be!

Did We Ever Love Her?!*

Music and Lyrics: Connor Jerzy

There's no trees,
no falling leaves,
to cushion the concrete.
There's no streams
to feed the creeks,
the oceans flow empty.
Theres no birds,
no roaming herds
just a human population surge.
Theres no dirt
to blanket the earth,
we've raided every mineral of worth.
She's tried to tell us how much it hurt,
but its our desires that come first.

Did we ever love her?!*

The grid system,
fades into non-existence.
It's monetary systems
with its quotas and digits
have battled true resistance.
A lesson for her little deliquents,
to achieve peace and quiet
so equisite...

We're buried.
We're buried.
We're buried.
We're buried.
Sanddunes overtake urban tombs
and we're all consumed.
Back to the geothermal womb.
Gaia fit to clean up our ruins.

Did we ever love her?!*

Its all toxins,
no fresh oxygens,
The planets running out of options.
On the auction block for adoption.
But no one wants a lifeform
coughing and weezing
with each change of season.
Everyday we wake up
we're faced with crimes of treason.
What are the reasons?

Did we ever love her?



Music By: Connor Jerzy
Lyrics: Your own to create.

Drink The Sun

Lyrics by: Connor Jerzy
Music By: Geoff Le Blanc

When I cruise down Commercial,
I see the virtual curvature
of our Universe.
A microcosm intertwined
by like-minds
who require a little space,
just a little dang place to call home
and drink the sun.
It's not until the moonlight
that you know this battle is won.
Under any circumstance
there's a chance to fight!
We seize that seeded jealousy
and our hearts ignite!
Fighting fire with the fire of love and affection
and nurturing our succession.
We're invested in our next of kin,
close friends and the rest of them.
There's no question, I'm just contesting for life
a little bit more interesting than the boring norm.

And drink the sun
until the battle is finally won.

Then when I Skytrain downtown,
everything's rearranged around
brand names cascading to the ground
in Yaletown.
Where it's all botox frowns,
and barely anyone makes a sound.
Too busy on iPhones,
on handsfree,
driving Mercedes,
carefree lethargy.
Stroking their egos so "eloquently",
caressing prized possessions meaninglessly.
It seems to me
we need to live presently
and accept the pressing nature
of our collective telepathy.
An eclectic expression
for our minds eye to see.
The shade of the glass towers
...blind sided me.
I strive to perspire
on the dire straights of wreck beach
and envision the derivative.
Peace from within rather than without.
Without a doubt.

And drink the sun
until the battle is finally won.

Then when I creep down Hastings,
it feels like a different place.
A dream it seems so serene,
far reaching from the laws of downtown.
Public parks shutdown around 11,
you better get to bed to work that 9-5.
Where the hell did this derive from?
Anyone who survives is shunned
to shambles, endless rambles,
panhandles, conversation around the wax candles.
At times disheveled but still revel in the sun
and drank it up!
Regardless of how it's handled
the vitamin D
gives me the all strength I need.
Its pure light
help sustain my tranquility
through this VanCity instability.

Thank you International Olympic Committee...

Hypocritical Heiroglyphics

Lyrics by: Connor Jerzy
Music By: Geoff Le Blanc

Little sheep's running round the streets,
struggling to compete,
boasting gluttony indiscreet
like it's some kind of redeemable feat.
Lets keep this short and sweet,
because mankind's already six feet deep.
Their reasons running thin as the ozone depletes.
Up-Size that fries man, make that McMeal complete.
While our 'supposed' elite'd
are forever lying through those veneered teeth.
Lying in their speeches!
Just to pack the bleachers!
With supporters following robots 'made to order'.

Hypocritical Hieroglyphics!

Exerting influences
stretching far from their borders.
All the while corrupt execs
are trying to peak oil quotas.
Profitable changes
summoning environmental dangers.
soon no more country
acreages on the ranges.
The days of open spaces
become ancient!
High-rise condos trading places
with our historic traces.
I can see it in your faces,
you wanna change this,
and fulfill those needs so basic.

And fulfill those needs so basic.

Concrete slabs covered in conglomeratti ads.
Child branded bags sporting six digit tags.
Street signs have replaced green pines.
Dollar signs on a whole lot of minds
and in a whole lot of rhymes.
We need to find a way to replace
this need of wealth with the need to help
our species health.
So before I get wreck-less...
when some barely have shelter
you stay at bed and breakfasts.
Some barely have shoes
you sport around in that Lexus.

All the remaining dignities in reality
are getting cut from our brains.
Bring the whole world together and
wage war on the 'invisible enemy'.

Keep Growing

Lyrics by: Connor Jerzy
Music By: Geoff Le Blanc

At first we were kids
trying to cope with the life we were given.
So privileged,
to have a such a courageous mother so driven
to see her children happy,
through all of our struggles.
They say
"if there isn't a father,
there ain't no family".
Aren't you glad we showed
those voices up (damn ms. daffy duck!)
Aren't you glad the family we had
led to these paths for us.
They say boys will be boys
but I never roughed you up.
Well maybe once...
When you jumped off the top rope illegally.
Believe me,
i would have "Achilles heeled" you
if I had the chance.
Now let's do that purple rain dance
which was mostly rofling,
which in those times
meant 'rolling on the floor laughing'.
Ha ha!
We didn't need new things to be happy.
We had our minds and the skies
and after watching twister
we donned our raincoats
and chased those storms.
Oh how we performed
for nobody.

And we just keep growing

Keep on growing.

Remember how mad we used to get.
So angry when Amma told us to turn off
that old TV set at 10:45 everyday in the summer.
(what a bummer)
Why did we have to get out
of the house for so quick for I've always wondered.
Was it to make ourselves sick
stealing crabapples off trees?
Getting treat money
it was off to 'Pa Petersons' for slurpees?
Or to play with the kids
with a "proper christian upbringing"
but crazy ADD!
Al it just cracks me up
how many times we've bickered
over that old airplane debate
for goodness sake.
Yours was the brown, mine was the blue.
I'm sorry for manipulating the truth to you,
all those years ago,
when we built fortresses in the snow.
Playing hide and seek when the best spot
was in the car port on in our basement fort
with our very own cardboard crime computer.
Who knew in the future
we'd be communicating over facebook
and embracing at all our farewells.
So ifs all goes well
we'll have so many more ridiculous adventures
until we're both spitting dentures.
Cabin jams.
Backyard bonfires.
Tape recorders.
Creepy basements.
Imitating john denvers facelift
Like those wrestling theme songs
these are times long gone but never forgotten.
Hanson impressions
Exam interjections
Staycations together
bravings the worst
of Alberta's weather.
shedding tears
with super 'Squishy' and 'Baboo'.

Here's looking at you kid.

Here's looking at you.