Friday, March 25, 2011

Hypocritical Heiroglyphics

Lyrics by: Connor Jerzy
Music By: Geoff Le Blanc

Little sheep's running round the streets,
struggling to compete,
boasting gluttony indiscreet
like it's some kind of redeemable feat.
Lets keep this short and sweet,
because mankind's already six feet deep.
Their reasons running thin as the ozone depletes.
Up-Size that fries man, make that McMeal complete.
While our 'supposed' elite'd
are forever lying through those veneered teeth.
Lying in their speeches!
Just to pack the bleachers!
With supporters following robots 'made to order'.

Hypocritical Hieroglyphics!

Exerting influences
stretching far from their borders.
All the while corrupt execs
are trying to peak oil quotas.
Profitable changes
summoning environmental dangers.
soon no more country
acreages on the ranges.
The days of open spaces
become ancient!
High-rise condos trading places
with our historic traces.
I can see it in your faces,
you wanna change this,
and fulfill those needs so basic.

And fulfill those needs so basic.

Concrete slabs covered in conglomeratti ads.
Child branded bags sporting six digit tags.
Street signs have replaced green pines.
Dollar signs on a whole lot of minds
and in a whole lot of rhymes.
We need to find a way to replace
this need of wealth with the need to help
our species health.
So before I get wreck-less...
when some barely have shelter
you stay at bed and breakfasts.
Some barely have shoes
you sport around in that Lexus.

All the remaining dignities in reality
are getting cut from our brains.
Bring the whole world together and
wage war on the 'invisible enemy'.

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