Friday, March 25, 2011

Drink The Sun

Lyrics by: Connor Jerzy
Music By: Geoff Le Blanc

When I cruise down Commercial,
I see the virtual curvature
of our Universe.
A microcosm intertwined
by like-minds
who require a little space,
just a little dang place to call home
and drink the sun.
It's not until the moonlight
that you know this battle is won.
Under any circumstance
there's a chance to fight!
We seize that seeded jealousy
and our hearts ignite!
Fighting fire with the fire of love and affection
and nurturing our succession.
We're invested in our next of kin,
close friends and the rest of them.
There's no question, I'm just contesting for life
a little bit more interesting than the boring norm.

And drink the sun
until the battle is finally won.

Then when I Skytrain downtown,
everything's rearranged around
brand names cascading to the ground
in Yaletown.
Where it's all botox frowns,
and barely anyone makes a sound.
Too busy on iPhones,
on handsfree,
driving Mercedes,
carefree lethargy.
Stroking their egos so "eloquently",
caressing prized possessions meaninglessly.
It seems to me
we need to live presently
and accept the pressing nature
of our collective telepathy.
An eclectic expression
for our minds eye to see.
The shade of the glass towers
...blind sided me.
I strive to perspire
on the dire straights of wreck beach
and envision the derivative.
Peace from within rather than without.
Without a doubt.

And drink the sun
until the battle is finally won.

Then when I creep down Hastings,
it feels like a different place.
A dream it seems so serene,
far reaching from the laws of downtown.
Public parks shutdown around 11,
you better get to bed to work that 9-5.
Where the hell did this derive from?
Anyone who survives is shunned
to shambles, endless rambles,
panhandles, conversation around the wax candles.
At times disheveled but still revel in the sun
and drank it up!
Regardless of how it's handled
the vitamin D
gives me the all strength I need.
Its pure light
help sustain my tranquility
through this VanCity instability.

Thank you International Olympic Committee...

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